Written in Afghanistan 2002 I have driven along the Bagram-Kabul road literally dozens of times and became very familiar with the multitude of potholes, dips, and speed-bumps that make up the road, which is protected at checkpoints by Northern Alliance security...


Written in Afghanistan 2002 Every other day or so, I tell myself, “I think THIS was my best day in Afghanistan so far.” Not to sound like I’m having the time of my life here, but people with my degree of thirst for information and adventure are seemingly ready to...


Written in Afghanistan 2002 Staying up till almost midnight working on a painting didn’t help with the alertness necessary for my two-hour guard duty shift last night that began at 0400. I was feeling the effects of the day when my CAT ventured out along a very dusty...

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Retired Major Steven McAlpin is available as a speaker

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